New Amsterdam

The above sketch by Ernest Thompson Seton is the bust of a New Amsterdam Burgomaster dressed in the cloak and hat of the colonial period.

Ancestors That Led Me To New Amsterdam

by Ted Brassard

Catherine DeLong & Mary Kierstede

The flowers are for these two women whose trail I followed to the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. They are both in the ancestry of my mother, Ellen T. Perkins. Catherine is my great, great, great grandmother and Mary was Catherine's mother--very far back indeed. I could just as well have selected one or two of the men in my ancestry, but I have always had a great admiration for the women of these times and how they carried on in spite of great adversity and hardship, raising their families, caring for their children and the men that they loved. If you want to know more about Catherine and Mary and the trail I followed from New Brunswick to New Amsterdam take a look at the text files below.

Catherine DeLong

Travel Back With Me

Some of My New Amsterdam Ancestors

The Kierstede Brothers of Magdenburg

His wife Sara Roelofs

Lt. Nicholas Stillwell

Information About Others

Peter StuyvesantA small file of notes on Peter Stuyvesant and a few others. The file is about 6k bytes in length.

Marritje JansThis file concerns the sister of Anneke Jans, her marriages, and some of her descendants. The file is about 3k bytes in length.

MinistersA text file that lists the 18 ministers of the Reformed Dutch Church. The file is about 11k bytes in length. Added 1/5/98


New Amsterdam Baptisms 1639 thru 1641 About 10k bytes.

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1642 thru 1645About 18k bytes.

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1646 thru 1655About 48k bytes. Minor Corrections Made 10/30/97

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1656 thru 1660About 36k bytes. Minor Correction Made 2/7/98

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1661 thru 1665About 40k bytes.

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1666 thru 1670About 35k bytes. Minor Corrections Made 10/30/97

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1671 thru 1675About 42k bytes.

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1676 thru 1680About 47k bytes.

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1681 thru 1685About 49k bytes. REVISED 10/18/97

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1686 thru 1690About 56k bytes.

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1691 thru 1695About 59k bytes. Revised 3/9/98 For 1691: Baptisms of 4, 8, and 11 of December have been corrected to month of November.

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1696 thru 1700About 73k bytes

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1701 thru 1705About 75k bytes

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1706 thru 1710About 67k bytes

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1711 thru 1715About 69k bytes

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1716 thru 1720About 67k bytes

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1721 thru 1725About 69k bytes

New Amsterdam Baptisms 1726 thru Feb1730About 62k bytes

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