Ted & Pat's Irish Ancestors

We want to welcome you to the page of our Irish ancestry. Ted's mother, Ellen Therese Perkins, had Irish ancestors and Pat's father, John Daniel O'Connell, was about as Irish as one can be since both his parents were Irish.

This page is dedicated to our Irish ancestors who had the courage and fortitude to leave that beautiful green isle and make there way here to the United States. Most, as far as we know, only left due to the terrible famine visited on the Irish people between 1850 and 1860 and we are sure they would have never left the land they loved.

Files For Our Irish Ancestors

Pat's Ancestors

Patrick MaleySome notes on the family of Patrick Maley & Mary Quinn. It is about 11k bytes in length.

O'Connell Data on James O'Connell and Katherine Maley. It is about 11k bytes in length.

Ted's Ancestors

SullivanA very short tale about Daniel Sullivan and his wife Ellen Hurlihy. It is about 11k bytes in length.

James Buchanan This file is about James Buchanan who came from County Derry,Ireland to settle in New Brunswick in 1825. It is about 11k bytes in length.

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