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ON THE TRAIL OF OUR ANCESTORSDon't Miss This One!! A truly great web Page run by Donna Ristenbatt with a great deal of well organized genealogical and historical material, sources and links.

The Olive Tree Genealogy This is one web site I really love. The pages load fast, you are not overwhelmed with gimmicks, they are artistically well made up, and there is much good genealogical information. I visit this site quite often.

Van Vlack and Van VleckThis is a site by Barbara Van Vlack who now lives in Silver Creek, New York. If you have some Van Vleck ancestors or want some good New Amsterdam or other genealogy links this is the place to go. Barbara recently informed me that along with genealogy she has become heavily involved in Civil War history and now has the only pages on the internet about the 64th Regiment, New York State Volunteers. REVISED 3 APRIL 1999

Terry Schulte's Home PageThis is a new page and Terry has done a great job. He lives in Michigan and has listed many surnames that involve Dutch and German ancestry. There are also some wonderful notes about Govert Lookermans one of the early settlers of New Amsterdam. It really is worth checking out. (REVISED 5 NOVEMBER 2005)

A Barrel of LinksThis is a great place to find many genealogy resouces and also some wonderful places about native Americans and the Civil War.

Cyndi's list of Genealogy Sites on the Internet The amount of links here is fantastic--over 29000 and still growing! A researcher can easily spend weeks here searching all the sites Cyndi has linked to on the net. I use this list a lot in my searches. REVISED 6/7/98

The Fulkerson Family Page A wonderful page which contains much history on the Fulkerson family and its beginnings. What really stands out here is the collection of stories of early New Amsterdam and other writings of people and places where Fulkerson descendants lived and settled. Bob and Janice (Turner) Fulkerson have done a great job!

Weiser Family HistoryA great new page on WEISER ancestry by Craig Weiser.

Descendants of Nicolas Godbout For anyone with Godbout ancestry.

Home Page of Jacques Trempe This web page has a lot of French-Canadian information and it is in English and French!

GENEALOGY OF PAIf you are looking for info and great links to Pennsylvania Dutch and Palatine Germans, this is the place to go. There is also a "touch" of New York genealogy here.

Canadian Genealogy and History Links A Canadian site run by Jessica Veinot with a great deal of well organized genealogical and historical material sources and links to places all over Canada.

A Great New Directory  

An index of thousands of genealogy-related Web pages

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