Welcome to our German ancestry page. Both of us have found Palatine ancestors. We would like to share what we know about them with you. Perhaps some of the information may help you in your own searching or you may simply find some of it interesting.

We won't get into any long explanation of who the Palatine people were or how they got here because there is already loads of material about that on the net. It is just our intent here to share what we know about our own ancestors or any little bits about them that make for better stories.

To find Ted's Palatine ancestors you must travel back seven generations to Catherine Froelich who married into my DeLong family line in 1743. But one of Pat's, Clara Hannah Koon, who married into her Baxter line in 1878 is only two generations away.

All of our German ancestors are on the maternal side of our genealogy. Ted has one he considers sort of special, but will not be included here. That one is Dr. Hans Kierstede who originally came from Magdenburg, Germany and who married Sarah Roelofs. He can be found on the New Amsterdam page.

We both hope you enjoy the articles we have written so far. Come back soon to see if more have been added. Please let us know if you need help or can add to what we have from your own knowledge. Drop us a note by E Mail using the address shown on our main page. Thank you very much for dropping by and taking the time to read about our ancestry.

The painting above is The Cross On The Mountain by the famous German painter Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1880). He was a romantic style painter and one of the great symbolic landscape artists. This painting is at the Kuntsmuseum in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Ted's German Ancestors

FroligMy Frolich (Frolig) Family Line.

RappAnna Appolonia Rapp and Her Ancestry.

WeiserThis is an article about one Weiser family line.

Pat's German Ancestors

HoffmanA Small Note on Conrad Hoffman

KuhnValentin Kuhn

WeisMy Ancestor Jacob Weis

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