I want to welcome you to the genealogy and stories of my father's French-Canadian ancestry. My father, Theodore Brassard, was born in Central Falls, Rhode Island on April 1, 1909 and his parents, both born in Canada, were Henri Eddege Ronaldo Brassard and Delima Rosa Alba Breault.

This page is dedicated to my father for whom I had great love and respect. He taught me many good things but above all of them was to be honest and to maintain my integrity in all of lifes interactions with other human beings. Though he has been gone for many years now I still miss him. This page is also dedicated to all those of his ancestors who were here before him whose existence gave my father and myself the chance to be here in God's beautiful universe.

The picture "The Angelus" by Jean-Francois Millet reflects the deeply religious and pious life led by most of the early French settlers in Canada.

Files & Gedcoms For My Father's Ancestors

Simon LefebvreThis is a small article about 2k bytes concerning Simon Lefebvre-Angers de Plainval. ADDED 11/23/97

BoucherSome notes about Jean Galeran Boucher. It is about 4k bytes in length. ADDED 11/23/97

Sieur du BuissonAn article about Pierre Charles de Poitiers and his wife Dame Helene de Belleau. It is about 2k bytes in length. ADDED 11/23/97

DesrosierThe story of Antoine Desrosier. It is 13k bytes in length. ADDED 12/2/97

Thomas HayotSome notes about Thomas Hayot. It is about 2k bytes in length. ADDED 11/23/97

Files & Gedcoms of Other French-Canadians

Pilote Family.gedThis is a gedcom for the Pilote Families which originated in Canada. It is about 38k bytes in length at present. REVISED 9/2/97

Philomene Guevin.ged A gedcom for my father's step-mother. Many French-Canadian surnames are in this file. It has just been revised and is about 55k bytes in length. REVISED 10-29-1997

Augustin BrassardThis is a small file that shows some of the descendants of Augustin Brassard and his wife Julie Harvey who were married in 1841 at Charlevoix, PQ. It is about 2k bytes in length. If you know anything about this family and/or who his parents were please drop me a note

Brossard.gedThis is a gedcom for some of the Brossard line of families which originated in Canada from Isaac Urbain Brossard and his wife Urbaine Hodiau. It is 120k bytes in length at present. REVISED 1/5/98

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